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secretchorus's Journal

::secretchorus:: Icons & Etc.
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Welcome to secretchorus, my (staci22) icon/graphics journal. I mostly post icons, but occasionally may post other graphics like wallpaper, headers, etc. If you like what you see, feel free to join to keep track of updates!

-- archive (coming soon)

1) Please comment. Comments make my day and are very inspirational! If you can, I'd love it if you commented with the # of the one(s) you take.

2) Credit when using. Crediting is an absolute must, it's stealing if you don't. (And I shall hunt you down for it!)

3) Do not hotlink. Hotlinking is the devil.

4) Do not edit. Please don't edit anything I post on here unless I clearly state that it is allowed. Blank icons are NOT bases.

5) Keep them on livejournal. Please don't use or post any of my graphics outside of livejournal.com without my permission.

You can use any of the following banners to link back to this journal. Please upload them to your own server first though!

If you have a graphics journal and would like to affiliate, please comment HERE and I'd be delighted to add you!

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